Traverse Studios Recording

Traverse Studios is an amazing affordable professional studio. Period. We us some amazing technology, equipment, techniques, and experience to get you the sound and recording you desire. Come by anytime for a tour of our recording area.

Recording Rates

$45 per Hour (minimum of 2 hours) for our technicians to record you or your band.

$30 per Hour (minimum of 2 hours) for you to come in with your own PC and audio interface but use our equipment to record yourself. 

Mastering Rates

Mastering is $45 per song for the initial master/mix down. This is a flat rate. Any changes requested after we deliver the product can and will be made ASAP at only $30 per Hour.


Traverse Studios and Traverse Music is very active in the music scene in the Fox Valley area and beyond. If you are looking to record some stuff but also looking for some studio musicians, fear not! We have many musicians on retainer and ready to record for your song at VERY affordable prices! Each person charges their own rates, so please call ahead to schedule when you need a studio musician for any parts on any instrument!

Practice Space

Traverse Studios offers some FANTASTIC equipped practice space at AMAZING RATES!

When you rent out the studio for practice space you have access to our Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK mixer, powered speakers, powered sub, several mics and mic stands, drum set, bass amp and much more.

Simply bring your instruments and a guitar amp and/or pedalboard like a POD GO you can connect directly to the board. Cables will not be hard to come by!

Enjoy a fantastic space to practice by yourself or with your group/band and take full advantage of a place you can play without restrictions on sounds or without any judgement!

Practice Space Rates

Space is available at $20 per Hour for use.

If you choose to book and pay for your practice time up front (for example, every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9) you will get a 10% discount on your rate when booking a month at a time. 

We Are Remodeling! (STILL OPEN)

Our studio is OPEN and will be Until we finish the last few bits that are being remodeled!

We are installing one more acoustic panel this week!

We will also be installing our new sound booth window very soon! We are so excited to see this turning into a fantastic sounding room! 

We now have a much larger space, a vocal booth, and a new sound booth for the recording engineer and your mates to hang out! Grab a drink from our fridge and hang out while we have a blast recording! chill out on the couch and watch TV if you need a break from the same riff over and over again.

We can’t wait to get this area set up to its fullest extent for you and will be doing some Facebook Live videos and Youtube videos showing off the new space very soon!